A Collaboration with: Sara Akbar, Jawaher AlJalal, Rawan Yahya

The story starts years ago, with the father, Sameer, who was recruited to defend the land. On a dark cold night, he made his only son “Hamza” a puppet and wrote a letter asking him to take care of himself, his mother, and the puppet.


In this project, we were expected to make short movies as a group with a story we create. Our film, Wondy, is an experimental low budget short film. Stanley Kubrick’s one-point perspective inspired us to encourage an emotional cinematic response. Also, we got inspired by David Fincher’s unique lighting techniques. We chose to rely on a bluish low-saturated tone to reflect loneliness and isolation. It is not just about a puppet being left behind and its feelings. This movie demonstrates our relationships as humans, whether with our friends, family, colleagues, or even our pets. In this project I was the camera operator, editor and light manager.