This project aims to develop a creative brief for a local brand with a printed campaign. I was assigned to work on Know Sa, which is an educational institution in Al Khobar. To enhance their mission, encouraging youth in Saudi to know something new, I came up with my campaign that is inspired by their SMP; know something, know everything! My campaign focuses on publicizing the knowledge and meeting the brand’s audience by hosting multiple free mobile workshops in different places during a month. This campaign is targeting youth in Saudi, 20-30 years old males and females. Although the brand uses only black and white as their colors, I decided to add a color that grabs attention and encourages action. Thus I added Tomato red to their color scheme. Since this is their first printed campaign, it needs to be strong and vibrant.


The posters were designed to be hanged at the workshop place as a teaser element for the upcoming workshop. While the Mega-Posts are to announce the beginning of the campaign. It will be hanged on streets near to where the workshops are going to be held.

The guerrilla advertisement is a mobile booth that contains multiple drawers. Each drawer will have a mini object that represents the outcome of the workshop with brief information about it and about its instructor.

The promotional element is a direct mail package that will be sent to some of the social media influencers and people in the educational field.